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In 2010, Fremont voters will have an opportunity to elect two council members. It is our intention to elect officials who share our vision.

For council member, we want someone who puts a community’s quality of life ahead of special interest groups such as developers.

Over the years, many on the city council were appointed (by the mayor) to the planning commission and used the position as a step to the council. Bob Wieckowski, city council candidate was appointed to the planning commission by ex-mayor Morrison; Suzanne Chan, also a city council candidate and backed by a large real estate developer John Dutra in Fremont, was appointed by Bob Wasserman to the planning commission.

Without independent thinking and limited debate, council’s approval of uncontrolled development has continued to strain city services—schools, police, fire, street maintenance, etc., and quality of life.

Vinnie Bacon, is well qualified and would be a voice for the voters of Fremont. With master’s degrees from UC Berkeley in urban planning and transportation engineering, he is currently a technical support manager in the software industry. He was a proponent of Measure K, initiative to protect Coyote Hills. He accepts no campaign donations from developers.

The other well qualified candidate is Kathy McDonald, who also accepts no contributions from developers. As a leader in school PTSAs, successful fundraiser for non-profit organizations, and past director of recruitment research for a global company, she knows how to engage diverse community groups to accomplish reach goals.

We need to elect city council members who would have a fresh approach—who understand what would constitute quality of life for Fremont residents, who draw strong businesses into the city, who work more closely with the school district when evaluating proposed developments, and who reach out to neighboring cities on common issues. Friends of Coyote Hills endorsed Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald for Fremont City Council 2010.

Lastly, we the people should stand up to special interest groups and help to preserve Coyote Hills from massive development for present and future generations!

Read about how the Friends of Livermore helped to elect a full slate of city council members who support the preservation of open space and oppose urban sprawl. Through grassroots efforts such as community outreach and use of email groups, we can do the same in Fremont.



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