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The Patterson family has already developed over 5,000 houses in the Ardenwood/Forest Park area, the densest part of Fremont. They have made millions. Due to high-density development in Forest Park, most of the streets are only fire lanes where parking is not allowed [pictured at right; click to enlarge].

In the 2006 Fremont election, per public records,1 the Patterson family contributed $600,000 against Measure K (the open space initiative). No family members live in Fremont. They live in Atherton, Woodside, Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Corte Madera, and Orinda, and out  of state in Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, and Idaho.

Another lot adjacent to the Coyote Hills Natural Area, the 15.5-acre Tupelo lot, was sold by the Patterson family for over $63 million2 for high-density development. 276 three-story condos and townhouses, and houses (pictured below) are being built on this lot (designated as a high-risk liquefaction zone by the USGS in 2006) bounded by Tupelo, Paseo Padre, Ardenwood Blvd, and Tan Oak.

For a density comparison, in nearby Union City, the Talavera housing development located on Lowry Road (next to Alameda Creek) is one where only 178 houses are being built on 40 acres.

Why are the Pattersons proposing another 520 housing units, in front of Coyote Hills park in an already overcrowded area? Current zoning in the Fremont General Plan allows only 266 houses on the site.

With hundreds of undeveloped lots in Fremont, smart growth (houses, retail, sports park) can be planned near transit and existing stores. Fremont residents want to preserve open space, a gateway to the city, and scenic views.

In surveys of Fremont voters conducted by David Binder Research in 2002 and 2006, over 70% wanted no development directly in front of Coyote Hills Regional Park.

In a 2007 Fremont General Plan online survey, 56% of respondents enjoyed visiting Coyote Hills Park and 43% Alameda Creek Trail, and planned to visit again. In the same survey, 85% of respondents ranked parks and open space as a high/very high priority, the most highly desired of 16 qualities for the General Plan Update.

1Fair Political Practices Commission filings 8/18/06 and 10/25/06, Committee Against the Patterson Ranch Initiative, Measure K.

2Source: Alameda County Assessor's Office, Oakland, CA



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