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We are the people who have had to endure lost jobs due to companies relocating to other cities, for example, Lam Research relocating 350 jobs to Livermore. We are the people who have to repair our cars when they hit one of Fremont’s famous potholes created by underfunded street maintenance. We are the people who watch our children’s schools suffer every year from underfunding. We are the people who have to suffer if our family members are not responded to on time in an emergency situation due to cuts in fire and police services. 

We are the people...

All of these problems are prevalent here in Fremont and are, in part, attributable to city officials allowing large developments to be cemented in place without making the developers adequately fund all requirements to support these developments into the future. And this trend is continuing...

The one question that voters should ask themselves this election: Are the candidates listening to “we the people” or to those who donate large sums of money?

If you look at the financial records of current council members and those currently running for office, many have taken money, lots of money, from either developers or the Pattersons who want to develop in Fremont. We want the City Council to make the right decision for the community, not based on hefty campaign contributions that council members have received from the Pattersons. Campaign contribution limit was raised to $520 per person in 2010.

We need strong, objective leadership for such proposals—the impacts on us are just too great. Housing developments are a quick fix—they give Fremont money up front. But over time, Fremont will lose money on these developments—long after the developers have driven back to the Peninsula.

The Patterson Ranch proposed development is simply too large. It, along with the Tupelo development, would create over 9,000 car trips a day, create additional stress on our already overcrowded schools and essential services, and puts development directly in front of Coyote Hills Regional Park.

There are only two city council candidates – Vinnie Bacon and Kathy McDonald – who are shining a light on this conflict of interest and have said that they will not receive donations from developers. They are not only concerned with the impact of developing in front of this very special park, but also concerned with the development’s huge impact on our health, our children, our traffic, our police and fire services, and our quality of life.

They have our vote and endorsement for November 2010. Please consider the value of uniting and casting your votes for Vinnie and Kathy, who will strive to make our city government more transparent, fair, and visionary for all residents, without the undue influence of special interests. Register to vote



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