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Bacon the right man
By Susan R. Gearhart - Letter to the Editor
Fremont Argus, October 20, 2008

For many years, since the passage the Hill Area Initiative in 2002, I've waited to hear someone speak of the need to identify our natural resources in Fremont and protect them, to build in a balanced way, and would have the knowledge to do just that.

Vinnie Bacon helped us in 2002 because he knew our hills are a wildlife corridor with watershed basins, creeks and wetlands. He has this knowledge.

He has master's degrees in city planning and transportation engineering from UC Berkeley, and knows that transportation is essential prior to development in areas with traffic congestion. Bacon understands the rapid pace of development in Fremont and can work, and listen to the people.

He wants to make sure the city approves development that pays its own way and it must improve our quality of life. We need fresh, knowledgeable, visionary guidance on our city council.

Please vote for Bacon. There won't be a day that you will be sorry.

He is the right man at this time of Fremont's growth.




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