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Vote for Bacon
By Lorna Jaynes - Letter to the Editor
Fremont Argus, October 30, 2008

Those who care about how Fremont develops, our quality of life, and who want someone on the City Council who will truly listen to and represent the best interests of all of us, should vote for Vinnie Bacon.

For too long our city has been run by the old guard, the political and establishment elite of Fremont. Their campaigns have been supported by contributions from developers, who then obtain council approval for the many misguided projects that have resulted in far too much unsustainable suburban sprawl.

Bacon has pledged to take no campaign contributions from developers and has run a genuine grass-roots campaign. He brings a refreshing new vision and the change we need.

Regardless of the issues that will come before the Fremont City Council, I know that, if elected, Bacon's decisions will be based on what will best serve the interests of the majority of Fremont residents.




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