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A's concerns
By Richard Odell - Letter to the Editor
Fremont Argus, May 15, 2007

Two public Fremont City Council meetings have been held regarding the proposed A's stadium development project.

It would be just southwest of Auto Mall Parkway at Interstate 880.

I am concerned about the impact the additional traffic would have, and the financial costs to the city of additional public safety resources required.

Satisfactory mitigations may be possible, although perhaps not probable given the lack of proximate public transportation, and the propensity of public officials to accept rosy projections from developers.

I was surprised by the degree to which the Fremont City Council is embracing the project before serious financial analysis and an environmental impact report are available.

If you have concerns that the City Council may be less than diligent — in the face of such money momentum — to balance the benefits of increased economic activity against the potential impacts on the quality of life in Fremont and the local communities, please contact the city clerk at or (510) 284-4063 to request to be put on the list to receive notification of public meetings on the subject.



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