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We hope you will enjoy these photographs of the land, birds, and wildlife in the Coyote Hills area. Because these creatures cannot cry for help, they depend on each one of us to be their protectors and good stewards of the land. [click on any link for more photos]

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Where have all our birds gone to?


The Coyote Hills area is home to a large number of migrating waterfowl. Some other species seen but not pictured here are Green-Winged Teal, Bufflehead, and American Widgeon. Below are Canvasbacks.

Northern Pintail

A family of Cinnamon Teal has been observed in Crandall Creek this year and last. The first shot is from Crandall Creek

Northern Shoveler

Common Goldeneye

Seeing a Common Merganser is rare for this area. Mergansers typically avoid developed areas. This one was observed in Crandall Creek on the East side of Ardenwood, directly adjacent to where the three-story townhomes would be.

Canada Geese are very prevalent in the park and on the Patterson Ranch property.


Canada Geese and Ruddy Ducks

Ruddy Shelduck



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